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Q: I am interested in adopting an animal from your shelter. How do I do this? What is required?

A: We invite you to come to the Animal Defense League to meet and spend at least 30 minutes with the animal you are considering to see if this is the one who best fits your home, family, and lifestyle. If you are interested in adopting the animal, you will need to complete an adoption application at our adoption center. An adoption counselor will review the application with you to help ensure that the animal you have selected will be a good match. A potential adopter must be at least 18 years of age.

Q: Can I take a pet home the same day?

A: In most cases, yes. Once you have completed the adoption interview and have been approved, it will take approximately 35 minutes to complete the adoption paperwork so you can receive your new pet.

Q: I have a dog at home and am looking for another one. Is there anything special I should do?

A: Yes. We suggest bringing your pet along on a leash (please do not use a retractable/flexi leash) with proof of rabies vaccination so we can arrange for the pets to meet. Like people, not all dogs (yours or ours) like every other dog they meet. Issues can and have occurred when bringing a new dog into a home. Our goal is to spot any problems ahead of time to prevent the heartache of a returned adoption for both you and the animal.

Q: Do you have other types of animals for adoption?

A: No. The Animal Defense League only has dogs and cats as resident animals.

Q: Can I adopt a pet who has not been spayed or neutered?

A: No. All of ADL’s animals have been spayed or neutered. The majority of pets available for adoption at ADL came here as unwanted or stray animals. It is our mission to stop overpopulation.


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