We are very sad to say goodbye to our permanent foster, Sunshine. He and his life companion Moonbeam were rescued from a high kill shelter last September at 13 years old!  This very bonded pair was in sad shape, almost 30lb underweight, terrible teeth, lumps and bumps everywhere. Sunshine wasn’t neutered.  They moved through several fosters and were even adopted, but returned when Moonbeam (grandma) couldn’t make it down the stairs in time and kept having accidents in the house.  Through it all, they maintained their sweet dispositions and really just rolled through all the changes.  In December, they finally made their last stop and were taken in by a volunteer/rep to be permanent fosters.  Sunshine suffered from laryngeal paralysis.  In spite of age and illness, Sunshine (Grandpa) loved walks around the block, all people and most dogs, especially Grandma and his new sister Mia.  He had sloppy kisses for everyone he met, all ages.  His last 6 months were happy ones and he acted like his foster’s house was his forever home.  He ate great food, hung out by the pool and had trips to the beach.  Last weekend, his breathing deteriorated quickly- a trip to the ER revealed that he probably had aspiration pneumonia and his chances of recovery were poor.  We made the decision to compassionately euthanize him. His foster mom was with him, her head in his lap.  Dogs like Sunshine and Moonbeam always deserve a 2nd act, at any age.  Because of SCGRR he had a very happy and healthy last 8 months and Moonbeam is still carrying on, living her best life.
RIP beautiful boy.💔😢