Want to be a Volunteer?

Before completing your online volunteer application on the next page, please read the following information.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. We ask volunteers to participate in a variety of tasks and need many different talents to accomplish our mission of saving and rehoming homeless and abandoned Golden Retrievers.

We have many volunteer opportunities, including transport, in-home interviews, events, fundraising, and shelter monitoring. In addition, we have five committees that are always looking for volunteers.

Please read Volunteer Opportunities for a more complete list and explanation of the volunteer activities and committees available to you. You might want to print Volunteer Opportunities to have available when you fill out the application. We also ask that you read the Policies on Volunteers and the Acknowledgement and Release that will be required as a final step.

Once you have decided on the types of activities that appeal to you, please click here to complete the volunteer application. This is mandatory for insurance purposes. You then will be contacted by someone from our Volunteer Committee.

We know that we can use your help and you will find some of the nicest people you can meet by signing up as a volunteer with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. We look forward to having you join our incredible team of volunteers.


SCGRRescue welcomes volunteers who are involved with other rescues. However, for the protection of proprietary information and to avoid conflicts of interests, volunteers who remain active with another Golden Retriever rescue based in the same region as SCGRR will be restricted to activities that do not require access to our Volunteer page or Shelter Connection database. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be made at the discretion of the Volunteer Committee chair.

Volunteers wishing to do home interviews, OTI evaluations, or representation of dogs must attend mandatory training but may accompany trained volunteers on such activities; no independent activities will be allowed in these areas until training is completed. Prior experience with other rescue organizations may be substituted for training provided an SCGRR trainer or trained volunteer accompanies the new volunteer on at least one such task. The Volunteer Committee Chair will have the final authority for accepting new volunteers.

Should a member of the Board disagree with the Chair’s decision, a majority decision by the Board will prevail.
Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to work independently for SCGRRescue. Volunteers’ family members under 18 who wish to participate in some functions may do so provided they are supervised by an adult volunteer at all times.

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  • Opportunities

    This is a partial list of volunteer opportunities. We hope you will find tasks that interest you and will allow you to use your skills in helping us with our mission.

    • In-Home Interviews: All adoption applications require an In-Home Interview. We physically need to meet the family and see the home, yard, fencing, and other pets. This helps ensure the dog’s well being and the placement of the right dog for each family.
    • Fostering: We work very hard to place all of our dogs in foster homes prior to being adopted. We believe the home environment is critical to the evaluation of the dog’s personality, energy level and family friendliness (i.e. cats, dogs, children). Fostering takes a special kind of volunteer and it is not right for everyone. NOTE: If you only want to foster, just fill out the Foster Home application, not the Volunteer Application.
    • Events: Our ongoing events include our SCGRR adoption events and occasional presence at air shows, pet gatherings, or all-rescue events such as Best Friends. Our focus is on getting rescued dogs adopted, achieving public exposure of our rescue, recruiting volunteers, and fundraising. One or two volunteers coordinate each event and other volunteers help transport and handle dogs or greet visitors.
    • Transporting Dogs: We always need volunteers to move dogs from one place to another—to/from vets, events, during intakes, and occasionally from one foster to another. Transport usually takes place during the day or on weekends.
    • Monitoring Shelter Websites: Volunteers monitor shelter websites several times per day and notify the appropriate Board Member of Golden Retrievers who may need our help.
    • Fundraising: We need volunteers who can do everything from baking cookies to writing grant applications for large funding sources, and everything in between. If you have creative ideas on fundraising, we really need you!
    • Intakes: Intake volunteers pull dogs from various shelters, sometimes involving a “lottery” to determine who gets the dog, and respond to owners who have to turn their dog in to us (OTIs). OTI volunteers must evaluate the dog as being a purebred Golden, and for human aggressive-ness, obvious medical issues, or other behavioral issues, then transport the dog to a foster home or boarding facility.
    • “Repping”: The rep is the dog’s agent and part of the placement team (rep, foster, and home interviewer) that determines the most appropriate home for a dog. The rep is responsible for managing the dog’s medical care (vaccinations, spay/neuter) if required, developing the dog’s bio and pictures for the website, keeping in touch with the foster home for progress updates, ensuring the dog presence at adoption events, responding to inquiries, and actively pursuing the most appropriate home for the dog.
    • Special Projects: Quarterly newsletter, eBay auctions, garage sales, writing promotional material, pursuing discounts with veterinarians, taking heart-warming pictures of our Goldens, assisting with back-office tasks such as database maintenance—these are just a few of the many special projects and tasks we need volunteer help with.
    • Committee Participation: SCGRRescue has five committees to help accomplish all the tasks required in a rescue organization and to help achieve our mission. Each committee has a Board member liaison. The committees are:o Fundraising Committee: Grants, merchandise sales (eBay auction, garage sale),
      donation programs (subscription donations, raffles, web-based programs such as
      Sponsor a Golden), thank-you notes. o Volunteers Committee: Recruitment, application review, selection, training,
      assignments, job descriptions PR/Marketing Committee: Promotional materials, recruitment materials (volunteers,
      fosters, veterinarians), Events Coordinator, newsletter assistance

      o Fosters Committee: Recruitment, selection, training, paperwork administration, dog
      placement, monitoring

      o Program Committee: Intake evaluation (shelters/OTIs), adoptions (applications, reps, follow-up), in-home interview monitoring, Transportation Coordinator, procedures

    Acknowledgement and Release