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Meet Walter, a golden/chow mix who was incarcerated at OC Animal Care. We were alerted initially because of his behaviors, some of which we believe are related to medical issues from which he suffers.

During our assessment he was absolutely terrified, trying to hide from the world in his kennel, intolerant and biting at anything put around his neck.  He was recovering from ear infections but still needed entropion surgery. His eyes were inflamed and we were concerned about corneal ulcers. He was in so much pain. Despite it all, he interacted sweetly with our behaviorist so we knew we just had to help him.

Walter came right into foster to decompress before having to see a vet. Shelters are a scary, stressful place for pups. During the first few days, Walter just curled up and slept, barely moving from the corner he landed in upon arrival. We could see it hurt to open his eyes which made his anxiety of a new place and new “beings” around him even more stressful.  His foster mom started over-the-counter eye drops while we waited for our vet appointment which was about 5 days out.

Great news is that his eyes are not ulcerated so we started steroid drops to help with inflammation and pain, and noticed an instant improvement in his spirits and engagement with his foster human and fur-brothers.  He does have severe bilateral entropion and all four eye lids need surgery. His is scheduled for surgery on October 12.  We will take care of his neuter at the same time; poor guy is getting snipped at both ends.

In just one week, this pup went from cowering at the back of a shelter kennel to frolicking with his fur sibling.  We can’t wait to see what he becomes after his surgical recovery!

Update October 12, 2021:

Walter’s surgeries went well today.  He is back home, trying to acclimate to the cone which is quite traumatic for him.  He has finally put his head down and is napping. Hopefully with time and a calm environment, he will figure the cone out.  The vet said the lower lids were literally curled in and must have been so incredibly painful.  There is always a risk that they can start to turn in again so we will watch for that to be safe but hoping this sticks.

He looks so much more comfortable already, despite post op wooziness and the cone.  Stitches out in 2 weeks!


Update October 18, 2021:

One week post op and Walter is doing well.  His fecal popped positive for Giardia so we have treated for that but the Drontal on top of his pain meds gave him an upset tummy.  He is “off” food for a couple of days and had a night with some vomiting but as of today he seems to be feeling good again!  His spirits and energy are up but the cone is still a nightmare most of the time for him, the constant pressure on his sensitive neck and a reminder of something not nice in his past.  It’s a necessary device to protect the surgical investment in his eyes but we will start to give him more breaks under supervision and to get back to working on his harness and leashing.  He did well for a cone cleaning today and didn’t immediately try to check his surgical areas so that earns him a bit more freedom.

Here is Walter taking a break from the dreaded cone!  A beautiful boy emerges!

Even with the cone we can see a new Walter emerging.  Without constantly blinking in pain, his eyes are now expressive, especially his eyebrows.  He shows more interest in everything around him and this morning we arrived home from a walk to find Walter had chased a couple of squirrels up a tree and spent quite a bit of time amusing himself.