Walter, fka Hercules came from Korea in 2020 where he was found living in a cage in a meat farm, being raised for slaughter.  He was a very fat dog and needed to lose weight in order to fly. We flew him cargo via Qatar Airlines (cost was approximately $3,000) and he flew all around the world (he had an overnight stay in Saudi Arabia). He was adopted to a wonderful family.

From his family:

I wish you were there the first time Walter (Hercules) and we met…David open his arms, wide open to let Hercules came to him and to his surprise he went under his right arm and came straight to me!  I barely believed it. I picked your Hercules because he looks so much as LILI, David’s Golden who had recently passed…my point is that Walter and I are soulmates…the way he was always looking at me with such devotion, I will always carry with me in my heart.

February 22th Walter could not stand up with out our help…a month earlier his energy dropped (never his appetite) and he started to loose weight but the big change was he couldn’t play with Hudson anymore no matter how loud Hudson invited him (barked)…his Doctor said was lymphoma all over his body…and my plan was…I’ll heal him!  Easy!  We’ll stop bananas, green apples any fruit but was too late.

We miss him so much!!!  David has been the best dad ever!  When Hudson (Kai-Di) came to our life David found his second best friend, that like LILI they are so attached,  they run together every day, we love our Hudson so much! Walter and Hudson were I’m sure soulmates too.  They were together all the time and wrestling  like kids…maybe like father and son.  What a beautiful pair!

Their bond was GOLD!  ️

Hudson is little by little feeling better.

We can notice a change.  He is serious and he’s been sleeping more. We are giving him so much LOVE and care and definitely we are sure he will be so happy to welcome home a new canine friend when the time is right.

Walter was so loved by us, our family and friends and please share with the world that he had the best life, the best food, the best love and he still is with us because his HUGE SWEET GOLDEN LOVE was our universe!  We’ll love him forever and we’ll meet him in our next life.  For sure!

Love & Peace,

Ceci & Dave Little